3 x Bowens 400
1 x Lastolite 400, Bowens fit
1 x Calumet 200
2 x 60cm softboxes with grids
2 x 120x80cm softboxes
2 x 30x90cm stripbox softboxes
1 x 170cm octobox
1 x 140cm octobox
1 x 90cm octobox
1 x 40cm beauty dish with grid and diffuser
1 x 70cm beauty dish
Nikon and Canon triggers
Snoot, barn doors, reflectors, coloured gels, various paper and fabric backdrops plus black/grey Lastolite pop-up backdrop. One papered corner set with dark fleur de lys gothic paper. Triggers, light meter, burgundy chaise, crimson boudoir chair, 70s lounge chair, large 215cm parabolic umbrella. Various other diffusing and reflecting umbrellas.